Gallura rugs are handmade in Sardinia, Italy, with the finest natural fibers according to ancient weaving techniques. Every stage of production from the yarn preparation to the weaving, the finishing touch and the packing are subject to a scrupulous quality control resulting in a rug made to last in time. Small imperfections and irregularities are not to be seen as defects but rather as part of the charm of a handcrafted product and the result of the artisanal production process. The products may vary slightly in color, size and finish from those in our specifications and samples.
Every Gallura creation is a one-off, made with passion and according to our core values of sustainability and respect for the people who have collaborated in the making. Gallura is the expression of an authentic tradition, it is the mark of our devotion to the highest standards of quality and craftmanship and the fruit of a precious and rare know-how passed down through generations. Through correct cleaning and maintenance practices, your rug will enjoy a lasting lifespan.

Once you receive the rug open it and spread it out in order to allow the fibers to settle and to flatten any wrinkles transportation might have caused. Allow a few weeks for your rug to regain its flat surface after travelling from our weaving ateliers in Sardinia to your home.


Regular vacuuming is important in keeping your new rug young, fresh and beautiful. Dirt and grit can accumulate in your rug and become embedded in the pile where they can affect the color of your rug and cause matting of the pile. Your rug can be maintained with once-a-week vacuuming. Vacuuming advice:
– Use a vacuum cleaner at reduced power.
– Do not use a vacuum cleaner with rotating brush because it could weaken the fibers and cause irreversible damage to the rug.
– Make sure you’ve adjusted the attachments to the proper heights for your rug.
– Use your vacuum in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Vacuuming should be done slowly – about three passes over the area for a light cleaning and five passes for areas subject to heavy-traffic.
As a result of vacuuming, over time, loose threads may appear on the surface of your rug. Fibers in excess or single yarns that might have become loose can be removed by cutting them at the base with a small pair of scissors.


There are two reasons your carpet may fade. One is due to the effects of direct sunlight and can be lessened with the use of curtains, drapes or shades. Airborne particles, dirt, soot and rust can also settle into your rug unnoticed and cause fading over time.
Regular vacuuming will help prevent fading. If you notice fading, a thorough cleaning is called for. Please do not delay, as the problem will worsen over time.


Eventually you’re going to see the need for a thorough heavy duty cleaning of your rug. To clean your rug and/or in the presence of stains we recommend going to a professional cleaner.
Please make sure that:
– The cleaning establishment specializes in the care of rugs.
– You know the technical characteristics of your rug to offer proper indications to your cleaner.
– Please be aware that your rug is made using natural fibers so it can shrink upon the first wash.


In case of stains resulting from spillages it is recommended immediate intervention before they dry by pressing on the affected area with a cotton cloth or paper towel. Press gently without rubbing to quickly soak away the stain. Replace the cotton cloth or paper towel as frequently as needed.


It is always recommended using a pad which makes the rug cushier and more comfortable, preventing slips, and ultimately increasing its longevity. Using a pad will also reduce depressions on the surface of the rug caused by the weight or sharp edges of furniture. Rotating regularly the position of the rug is advised for preventing wear in the same area. In fact, repeated friction at the same point can affect the structure of the rug. Please note that direct sunlight may lighten the colors of your rug. By regularly rotating your rug, an uneven aging due to continued exposure to the sun in the same area can also be prevented. Airing the carpet: do not beat or shake the rug. Simply lay it outside on a flat surface. Do not expose the rug to salt or chlorine. Should there be the need of moving your rug, remove all the furniture first using a cardboard or similar between the furniture and the rug in order to prevent any damage. Do not pull directly from the edges but roll the rug first and move it with care. Should you need to store your rug, make sure to place it in a dry, well-ventilated space and protected from sunlight. Depending on the space, it is preferred the rug to be carefully rolled avoiding wrinkles. Do not place anything on top of it.

If you have more questions regarding the care of your Gallura rug, please contact us.